The Ideal Air Conditioning System

When you’re looking for the ideal air conditioning system for your home, Sullivan Super Service can help with friendly advice and a professional rating of your home’s air conditioning needs. Having a new system correctly-rated is of critical importance in having a system which can not only cope with the cooling needs placed upon it, but one that can also operate at maximum efficiency for on-going cost savings.

Energy Savings

The latest high SEER energy efficient systems can bring considerable energy savings over older systems, saving both your pocket and the environment. You should certainly factor in the possible energy savings into the benefits of upgrading an older system. Sullivan Super Service can help calculate the possible energy savings of various systems. Some of our central air systems operate at up to 18.9 SEER.

Leading Brands

Sullivan Super Service is an authorized dealer for leading air conditioning brands for both central air systems and mini-splits including American Standard. They are names you can trust for year after year of trouble-free air conditioning.

Great Warranties

We can show you systems with the best new warranties, for total peace of mind.

Professional Installations

The Environmental Protection Agency stresses the importance of choosing experienced contractors to plan and install your new heating system, eliminating the risk of excess energy costs. Sullivan Super Service only employs experienced, fully licensed and insured technicians who can do that job effectively. Additionally, there is an on-going training program to keep all technicians up to date with the latest furnace and boiler models as well as energy saving installation techniques. We are the right people to help with your cooling needs.

Financing Options

We offer easy payments and 12 months interest free to approved applicants. To learn more about the financing options we have available, speak with your technician or our Comfort Home Specialist. The process is easy and fast!

Air Conditioning Upgrades

We can help you with a range of air conditioning upgrades for the ultimate system, including programmable digital thermostats, home temperature zoning, humidity control and indoor air quality solutions. Read more about our air quality solutions on this page here: Indoor Air Quality Pittsburgh.

If you are looking for a new or upgraded air conditioning solution in Pittsburgh, you can trust in the professional and helpful service you receive from Sullivan Super Service. For a free, no obligation talk about your air conditioning choices, call Sullivan Super Service today.