Our Story

In 1964, Bill and Ann Sullivan started Sullivan Super Service from inside their home. Bill ran every call, while Ann manned the phone and kept the books. They slowly and steadily built up the business by providing quality and reliable service to their neighbors. In 1972, John L. Sullivan, one of their nine children, joined the company and helped to modernize some of their practices. While invoices were still typed on a typewriter and accounting kept in a handwritten book, the business focused on providing excellent service and they kept up with the best practices in the industry. In the 1980s they purchased a building in Braddock which became their warehouse and eventually the office. In 2015, we moved to East McKeesport to allow for expansion of our warehouse and provide office space for our growing staff. We’re proud to continue to serve Pittsburghers with the lessons taught by our founders.

The values that we live through our organization were instilled in us by Bill and Ann: Be honest, listen first and uncover the entire situation; Patience and persistence will usually win the day; Do the little things right and the big things will not be so overwhelming. These are the values we practice in our desire to be a HERO for our customers - every single day!

Meet Our Heroes



My family prides itself in creating an organization in which responsibility and rewards are shared across the company. We started small and we understand the hard work it takes to do every job at the company. Rather than a “top-down” organization, we strive to involve all the staff in achieving our vision of being the “Best!” I love spending time with my wife and children. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, biking, yoga, chess, meditation, playing piano and eating healthy food (sometimes). Thanks for getting to know us and we look forward to serving you!

Picture of Jenell Sullivan
Office Manager

Jenell Sullivan

Jenell loves her Pittsburgh Pirates, steak dinners and her spoiled rotten son! She enjoys the changing of seasons in Pittsburgh and helping her family business accommodate Pittsburghers as their needs change with the seasons. She’s a bright light at the business – who once even dressed as a lamp for Halloween!

Picture of Matt Smith
Service Technician

Matt Smith

Matt comes from a huge family which gives him the ability to work well with our team of Heroes. Matt loves spending time with friends, playing guitar and reading books and although he would loves living in the city, his dream vacation would be a quiet week in a cabin in a forest beside a lake.

Picture of Shaun L
Service Technician

Shaun L

Shaun loves living in Pittsburgh because of the colorful people he gets to meet. He’s got two beautiful kids and a loving wife who inspire him to work hard and provide great service. Shaun is a night owl who loves to play video games!

Picture of Maureen Ryan
Customer Service Representative

Maureen Ryan

Maureen’s our morning person, who cheerfully answers your calls and listens to your problems. She describes herself as kind, friendly and organized and we agree! You can find Maureen enjoying time with her family who enjoys traveling together to Ireland!

Picture of Robert Johnson
Service Technician

Robert Johnson

A busy father of three, Robert loves spicy food, the Pittsburgh Steelers, working out at the gym and the Golden State Warriors. He loves interacting with our customers and getting to know them while he provides the best service. Even though he loves working at Sullivan Super Service, he does dream of living at the beach - specifically Hawaii!

Picture of Chris Cummings
Service Technician

Chris Cummings

Chris is true Pittsburgher who loves the Pirates, Penguins and Steelers, and all the good food that comes with the city! He enjoys spending time with his wife and three year old son and going fishing and camping. You might not guess it, but Chris is a car and driver enthusiast!

Picture of Brad Sullivan
Lead Service Technician

Brad Sullivan

Brad, grandson of our founders and son of John L., like them, loves to fix things and help people. You can find him up late and watching Netflix or his beloved Steelers and spending time with his son. Brad loves being close with his family, but if he got the chance he'd be off to space for his greatest adventure!

Picture of Glenn Reis
Comfort Advisor

Glenn Reis

Glenn is your go-to-guy for all your new furnace and air conditioning units - and he knows how to keep a family cool - he has his own family of six children and five grandchildren! Glenn loves working for our company, but when he gets time off, he enjoys playing golf, bocce and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Picture of Bob Anderson
Service Technician

Bob Anderson

A registered Master Plumber, who was the first in Allegheny County to pass National Testing for heating, air conditioning and heat pump certification – Bob could work anywhere, but loves working at Sullivan because of the owners’ integrity and their ability to make the workplace an enjoyable place to be! 22 years on the job and he’s studied with some of the region’s most talented in the industry.

Picture of Ray Maloney
Warehouse Manager

Ray Maloney

At the office, Ray is our go-to-guy for parts and keeps our warehouse stocked with parts for your home. At home, he’s the go-to-guy for his wife, two children and their dog. He loves to fish, watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and cook. Ray is always smiling and enjoys working with his teammates!

Picture of Samantha Pryor
Customer Service Representative

Samantha Pryor

Samantha is the first on the job every morning, but she'd be the first to tell you, her job makes her a morning person. She loves seeing The Clarks play live, eating pizza and is always making her teammates laugh! Even though she loves being here with family and friends in Pittsburgh, she's always dreaming of the beach!

Picture of Nick Odorisio

Nick Odorisio

Nick, our youngest employee, is all about Wiz Khalifa, the Pittsburgh Pirates and pizza. His greatest inspirations are his father and grandfather, just two of the important people in his large, loud family. He loves apprenticing with us because he loves to learn new skills!