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Ozone Action Days and What You Can Do to Help

We’ve all heard of “ozone action days” on our local news stations, particularly in the summertime when the air can be hot and downright thick.  While the ozone layer around the Earth protects us from damaging ultraviolet rays, the ozone on the Earth’s surface (“ground-level ozone”) is hazardous because we can directly breathe it in.  It is particularly damaging on days when the weather is warm and humid.  Of particular concern should be the very young, elderly, or those with susceptible lung diseases (or asthma.)


Here are a few ways in which you can help reduce the risks for yourself and those around you on ozone action days:

  • Conserve electricity and turn up your air conditioner to a higher temperature
  • Commute clean: carpool, ride the bus/train, or walk or take your bike to work
  • Skip mowing the lawn or using any heavily gas-dependent tools that are OK to wait for another day
  • Avoid using household or commercial cleaners or chemicals in ways that can allow for a lot of evaporation; or, defer their use for another day


Every day, try to follow these tips:

  • Conserve electricity where and when you can
  • Avoid spilling fuel and always ensure that your gas cap is tightly sealed
  • Use low-VOC products, such as paints, when doing home repairs or remodeling
  • Don’t top off your gas tank
  • Try to use or purchase Energy Star appliances whenever possible
  • Carpool, ride your bike, walk or use public transportation when possible and practical


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