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Small Ways You Can Improve Your Utility Bills Now

With any major change in the weather, we can expect to see changes in many of our utility bills throughout the year.  With an unstable economy and the rising costs of energy, many homeowners are considering all ways possible to lower their monthly home expenses.  The following are some small ways that you can improve those expenses over the long-term:


1. Set Your Water Heater to 120 degrees: The energy lost in standby heat alone from setting your water heater to 140 degrees can cost you over $400 per year.  You can also consider turning off the water heater when you go on vacation.


2. Put in an Irrigation Meter: Because you are charged once for water as it enters your home, and then once when it leaves as sewage, you are getting duped on water usage if you don’t have a separate meter for your irrigation or outdoor water systems.  The meter can be read every month by the water company and subtracted from your current sewage bill.


3. Do a Nightly Energy Check: Before you turn in for the night, do a check of all energy-killing devices that could be turned off overnight.  These include light sources, computers, cell phone chargers and ceiling fans, just to name a few.  The savings add up quickly!


4. Install Reusable Filters: Instead of waiting and waiting to replace your furnace or AC unit’s filter because you don’t want to buy more, consider spending a little more upfront on a reusable filter that can be easily washed off and reinserted into the unit.  You’ll recoup the roughly $20-$40 you spend on the reusable filter in a little over a year from purchase.


5. Seal Energy Leaks: The Environmental Protection Agency has said that if you added up all the small energy leaks in your home, it would equate to leaving one window open all year long! Be smart and recaulk or use expanding foam around drafty windows and doors, and seal off especially drafty windows and unused doorways (such as those to an upper level deck) before winter hits with an inexpensive window sealing kit.


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